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Less Than A Foot of Rain Per Year In The “Sunshine Factory”

Only 60 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border and 108 miles southeast of Phoenix is the 33rd largest city in the United States, Tucson, where horseback riding is still very popular. Tuscan is filled with trend-setting restaurants, resort hotels and championship golf courses. The University of Arizona is located in this beautiful cacti covered region of the United States that averages just 11.8 inches of precipitation per year.

Tucson is often called “The Old Pueblo” and for the most part, no one knows exactly why. No seriously, they don’t, even though they can just look it up online if they wanted to. In the 80’s city leaders ran a contest in hopes of finding a new nickname. The nickname they chose was “Sunshine Factory” and as you have probably figured out already, it never caught-on, so people still call it “The Old Pueblo” and most of them have no idea why. #bringbacksunshinefactory

The hit television show Last Man on Earth took place in “The Old Pueblo” because if you were the last man alive on earth, you’d obviously want to be “Alive in Tucson”.

The “Sunshine Factory” Has All Your Entertainment Needs Covered

The first Saturday and Sunday in May for the past 33 years, the Tucson Folk Festival has taken place in downtown Tucson’s El Presidio Park. It features nationally known headline acts in the evenings; however, the rest of the time over 100 local and regional musicians take over the five stages and help to make it one of the largest free festivals in the United States. If your pooch is a music lover you will have to bring them to this awesome annual event.

Professional sports don’t exist in Tucson, but thanks to the University of Arizona the locals can enjoy some quality basketball and women’s softball. In 1997 the University of Arizona’s men’s basketball team won the NCAA National Championship and their women’s softball team has won the National Championship a whopping 8 times, most recently in 2007.

The “Sunshine Factory” Produces Lots of Fun for Fido

Bet ya didn’t know this! Tucson got a gold rating in 2007 for, wait for it…bicycle friendliness! This was awarded to them by the League of American Bicyclists which sounds like a group of superheroes that would be pretty useless at saving the world.

So you and Fido are looking for things to do in Tucson? Well how does your pooch feel about outer space? Find out by bringing your canine companion with you to the Pima Air and Space Museum that features more than 300 air and spacecrafts. They will have to stay with a staff member if you sign-up for any of the special tours, but they are more than welcome to wonder around with you on-leash for the rest of the time.

If you want to take in some fun outdoor activities, try hiking the Agua Caliente Hill Trail with your dog. It’s too hot to do in the summer, but in the winter you can take on the 9.25 mile round trip of steep terrain that offers spectacular views. Be sure to plan ahead, you and your furry friend can’t possibly bring too much water on an excursion like this.

There are plenty of dog friendly restaurants to visit while in Tucson, in fact over 245 of them, including Barrio Brewing Company on East 16th and Zinburger, the home of some very impressive gourmet burgers on River Road.

Shop CBD for Dogs & Cats in “Sunshine Factory”


While you and your pooch are taking in the many sights and sounds of Tucson for the next Folk Festival or University of Arizona Basketball game, remember it will be a very busy place. There will likely be some very big and very loud crowds that could cause some serious stress and anxiety for your furry family member. You should also keep an eye on the temperature and try your best to keep Fido hydrated and cool during the scorching summer months produced by the “Sunshine Factory”.

To avoid having to interrupt your sight seeing, or to avoid cutting the trip short altogether, CBD oil and treats can be very beneficial in the treatment and prevention of many pet ailments.  Wild Thing Pets’ CBD oil and treats are safe, easy to use and are a favorite remedy of many American pets. CBD has been shown to have a calming effect on anxiety, can block pain and reduce inflammation, as well as increase focus and improve positive behaviors in pets.

Whether it’s stress and anxiety from large crowds or dehydration from the hot summer months, Wild Thing Pets CBD dog treats and oils can help make sure you get the most out of you stay in Tucson, also known as,“The Old Pueblo” or as it was briefly known and we are trying very hard to bring back, the “Sunshine Factory”.

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Wild Thing Pets offers CBD for dogs and cats that can help with pain, anxiety, cancer, seizures and much more.

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