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The Capital of Silicon Valley

For those travelling to the beautiful Bay area of Northern California, San Jose is a central hub for everything that “Cali living” has to offer. As the third largest city in the Golden State and the epicenter of the world-renowned Silicon Valley, San Jose boasts one of the highest incomes-per-capita in the United States. The beautiful landscapes of the Santa Clara region, combined with the affluent populace makes San Jose a modern cultural and economic epicenter of the Western U.S.

San Jose is a depository for intellectual property and high-tech entrepreneurs. Like Wall Street in the east, Silicon Valley sets the bar for wealth and high-life for the west. This doesn’t mean that everyone in SJ has a toy poodle in a handbag. Dogs and cats of every variety flock to San Jose for the taste of Cali living, because that is what this city truly encapsulates. Surfing, beaches, adventuring outdoors, fine dining, enjoying the warm weather with friends and family – these are the pillars that San Jose, like the Golden State itself, are built on. The only difference is, San Jose happens to be built on gold-plated, diamond-studded, towers of “big tech” money in addition to the iconic “surf’s up” culture of California.

Down By the Bay


Given the affluence of the San Jose region, business development is ongoing which has lead to a plethora of unique and rewarding experiences.  Travellers can sit, stay and roll-over the excellent trails, parks and outdoor vistas – which are nothing to shake a paw at. San Jose is more inland than it’s cousin-city San Francisco, but it has access to the lush Baylands park and is not far from the #1 surfing destination, Santa Cruz and Monterray Bay.

For the avid hiker – and what dog isn’t a fan of hiking the great outdoors – the Almaden region is a great place to take in North Cali nature.  Not far from the city, Baylands Nature Preserve offers many kilometers of trails and places for your pets to roam the wilderness.  Closer to downtown, San Jose has 18 dog parks where fido can play off the leash, usually segregated into small breed and large dog sections. Butcher or Saratoga Creek dog parks are just two popular choices for your canines.

When you’ve had your fill of the outdoors and you and your pets want to relax or chow-down, San Jose has as much to offer downtown as its surrounding area. There are over 50 pet-friendly hotels and nearly 150 pet-friendly restaurants in San Jose.  Even the Fairmont San Jose accepts four-legged guests, so don’t hesitate to bring your furry family on your business trip to Silicon Valley.

San Jose also has many dog-sitters and pet services.  There’s so much to do in the Bay, and even though California is very pet-friendly, it can be difficult to bring your feline or canine along for all the rides.  When you need someone to keep them occupied, check out the 30+ pet hotels or groomers for a San Jose luxury pet experience – because even Fluffy or Fido likes to be pampered from time to time.

Shop CBD for Dogs & Cats in San Jose


Similar to many populations in California, San Jose is no stranger to the dangers of wildfires, specifically air quality issues.  Situated in the Silicon Valley, the condition of breathable air can become as artificial and stressing for your pets when the smoke creeps in and forces everyone indoors.  Anxiety is not often associated with beachfront, luxury California living, nonetheless your pets are much more attuned to their environment than the average person. Remaining calm, but also staying focused on your pet’s needs – such as exercise, consistent nutrition and staying hydrated – are essential to “big city living” in a place like San Jose.

To avoid having to interrupt your sight seeing, or to avoid cutting the trip short altogether, CBD oil and treats can be very beneficial in the treatment and prevention of many pet ailments.  Wild Thing Pets’ CBD oil and treats are safe, easy to use and are a favorite remedy of many American pets. CBD has been shown to have a calming effect on anxiety, can block pain and reduce inflammation, as well as increase focus and improve positive behaviors in pets.  

San Jose, like its NHL hockey team’s teal jerseys, is very unique and highly sought after; many people and pets are proud to be counted among the San Jose faithful.  If SJ is one of your destinations, make sure you’re ready (and you’re pet is able) to enjoy all that Silicon Valley has to offer. Buy CBD online today and enjoy some fun in the sun with a relaxed, healthy and happy pet.

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Wild Thing Pets offers CBD for dogs and cats that can help with pain, anxiety, cancer, seizures and much more.

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