Why full spectrum CBD oil is better for your pet than CBD isolate


Full spectrum CBD oil for dogs and cats contains all the phytocannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Most notably, it contains a host of other nutrients such as minerals, flavonoids, fatty acids, vitamins, terpenes, and much more.

CBD isolate, on the other hand, is a pure, crystalline powder which contains 99 percent pure CBD. All the plant matter or compounds found in the hemp plant, including waxes, chlorophyll, oils, and more, are gotten rid off, presenting an end product that is CBD and nothing more.

Full spectrum CBD oil vs. CBD isolate: Which is better?

The benefits realized from taking full spectrum CBD oil as opposed to CBD isolate, are somewhat equivalent to the benefits of enjoying a complete meal versus a single ingredient. Picture this; with a complete meal, you are basically combining multiple ingredients which act synergistically to offer a full range of benefits. On the contrary, eating a single food item limits the nutritional benefits you receive, to only what is contained in that item.

Entourage effect

In the medical world, the synergy of terpenes and cannabinoids in full spectrum CBD oil is known as the entourage effect. The effect first attracted attention in the 1980s, when medical experts started to question why patients largely favored taking a whole plant extract (full-spectrum) over Pure THC (which they referred to as Marinol). Apparently, the combination of terpenes and cannabinoids from the whole plant might have created some kind of ‘entourage effect’, which was more successful in treating diseases, thanMarinol alone.

Well, not long ago, in 2015 a groundbreaking Israeli research established that whole-plant cannabidiol was more effective and strong than pure CBD in fighting inflammation and related symptoms.

Benefits of giving your pets full spectrum CBD Oil

Full spectrum CBD oil for pets provides distinct health benefits which are unique to the compounds in it.

1. Pain and Inflammation

Any form of pain, may it be arthritis or age-related, can seriously affect the quality of your pet’s life. Instead of over-relying on prescription drugs, CBD oil can be a perfect alternative. While both forms of oil have shown huge potential in combating inflammation and pain, the full spectrum CBD oil has proven to be more successful.

2. Nausea

For many years, cannabis has been known to treat nausea. If your pet has been vomiting regularly and suffering from eating disorders, then full spectrum CBD oil can be handy in ending nausea or even increasing appetite.

3. Reduces anxiety and stress

Pets, just like humans can also suffer from stress, phobias, or even specific anxieties. Using full spectrum CBD oil can offset these disorders, especially if it contains traces of THC.

4. Promotes homeostasis

Many pet owners opt to use full-spectrum CBD oil not only as a medication to manage a specific health condition but as a regular enhancement to promote the general wellbeing of their pet.


Undoubtedly, full Spectrum is better

Quality full spectrum CBD oil is your best bet when it comes to giving your pets a happy and healthy life. It contains a wide range of nutrients, which work jointly to have more effective, longer-lasting effects on less dosage.