CBD Dog Treats

Wild Thing Pets CBD dog treats are your dog’s new best friend. These are suitable for all breeds of dogs, whether you have a small wiener dog or a great dane, It will keep them healthy and happy and each one of our treats are safe, convenient and affordable.

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Available in four different kinds, it provides different relief for a variety of ailments such as calming your dog’s nerves, helping with their glucosamine levels or treating pain and inflammation. Known as one of the best in America, Wild Thing Pets offers the best variety and prices.

Pain and Inflammation

Whether you are looking for dog treats for pain or looking for the one with the best reviews, you don’t have to look any further than Wild Thing Pets. Each of our treats contain 0 THC, are derived from locally sourced 100% American hemp and are lab tested for quality and consistency, it’s why we have one of the highest positive reviews.
When you buy from Wild Thing Pets you get the best treats for pain and also the best price. Each of our treats are non-GMO, gluten free and contains no THC. Try our four different Wild Thing CBD pet treats today!