The Top 10 Benefits of CBD for Dogs

There are many types of canine ailments…

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning, you’re awoken by your chihuahua – Jalapeno – by some frantic and nervous barking.  You storm downstairs to see what is the matter, and then you hear the rumbling of thunder overhead. You sigh to yourself and instantly understand… “JP” is deathly afraid of thunder and lightning, and you’ve been through this routine before.  You find the little furball shaking and terrified in his dog bed; you’re not going to get any sleep until this rough weather has passed…

Or, maybe you’re not a “little dog person”, and your canine is Kong – the 160 lbs behemoth Great Dane with hip-dysplasia.   Kong had a good day on a nice walk through town with you, and he got so much attention from passersby – because hey, who can’t notice a “near horse sized” dog when they see him walking down the street.  Kong had fun, you had fun, but now his hips are really bothering him and he can’t even make it onto the couch without wincing in pain. You know that he’s not too old, but you need to get him some relief and treatment…

Cannabinoids & Their Effects on Animals

Whether your loyal best friend is a working dog, a lazy mutt, giant and fluffy or small and coarse, CBD can affect major positive change for dogs of all shapes and sizes.  Many breeds have numerous disorders and physiological problems associated with them, but we’re here to tell you that CBD is versatile enough to match most – if not all – of your dog’s ailments.

CBD has a wide spectrum of healing properties – from pain and inflammation, to calming nerves and anxiety, to restoring gut health and digestive function.  We have put together a list of the ‘Top 10 Uses & Benefits of CBD’ for your dog. Pull up a chair – and a comfy cushion or bed for Jalapeno or Kong – and get to know the benefits of CBD:

1. CBD is known to help fight cancer, assist in treating symptoms of cancer

CBD has been well-documented as having cancer-fighting properties – Cannabidiol can prevent cancer cells from growing, and actually inhibit the spread of cancerous cells.  CBD is also used by many dog owners for its ability to counteract symptoms of cancer, such as soreness, loss of appetite, and sleep deprivation.

2. CBD can ease pain and reduce inflammation

CBD is a consistent and effective reducer of pain & inflammation.  Utilized in the treatment of dogs with arthritis, hip-dysplasia, spinal-neck-shoulder issues, muscle and bone injuries, CBD can help to prevent pain reception to the brain and is a potent, natural remedy for reducing inflammation.

3. CBD will help reduce, prevent or ease the severity of seizures

CBD is almost always associated with epilepsy and conditions causing seizures – in both canines and humans.  Hemp CBD is an efficient and effective remedy for reducing the duration, severity and frequency of seizures in dogs; it is also easy to apply as a preventative supplement or when a seizure strikes – a few treats or drops and the seizure effects can limited or even eliminated quickly.

4. CBD can boost cardiovascular health and reduce skin/coat conditions

Cardiac problems common in dogs like Rottweilers or German Shepherds can be treated with CBD – which also has the benefits of reducing aggression and assisting in joint/hip conditions.  Many itchy and irritating skin and coat disorders, common in small breeds, can be prevented or treated with consistent CBD application.

5. CBD assists in injury recovery and reconditioning

Whenever injury happens – and it can occur often if your dog is very hyperactive or getting older – CBD is great for speeding up recovery.  CBD helps to reduce swelling, block pain, and ease strain on the injured area – helping your dog continue being a dog.

6. CBD is restorative and healing for many gastrointestinal disorders

Many common digestive problems or bowel-and-gut related disorders can be treated effectively with CBD oil and/or dog treats.  Hemp-derived CBD does this by reducing nausea or inflammation, and its antibacterial properties can help to invigorate positive gut flora.

7. CBD can reinvigorate appetite and assist with diabetes

Similarly to digestive health and gastrointestinal issues, CBD helps to stimulate appetite by reducing nausea, stomach pain and inflammation that might be inhibiting your dog’s love for his/her food.  A dog’s nutrition is important to numerous other health factors – activity, vitality, and immunity to other illnesses – so treating your canine’s food-related woes can be a crucial first step to resolving others.

8. CBD has powerful calming effects for anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation or aggressive tendencies

Depression, stress disorders and over-aggression are very common problems in the dog-world, all of which can be treated effectively by CBD.  Whether your dog can’t sleep, is anxious or nervous much of the time, or has aggression issues with other dogs/people, daily doses of CBD can go a long way in suppressing these conditions.

9. CBD helps to reduce hyperactivity, increases focus and assists in training

Young puppies in training and stubborn, senior dogs can all benefit from CBD being supplemented into their routine.  CBD has been shown to increase focus, heighten obedience and trainability, as well as lessen hyperactivity by naturally relaxing your dog.

10. CBD is naturally derived, non-psychoactive, can be used often and for numerous ailments

One the best parts of CBD use is its utility – it is naturally derived, it is non-psychoactive, and is so versatile that it can be introduced into almost any routine, for any ailment.  You can give your dog CBD knowing that it is safe, convenient and effective.

Your dog might fall into one category, many categories or all of them, and we hope that you do what any good dog owner would do – invest in your dog’s health, invest in CBD that is natural, non-psychoactive and can be used often.  Purchase CBD Oil and Dog Treats from Wild Thing Pets today, because when you give your dog our quality products you’re investing in health & happiness for your beloved dog.